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Single man Leon, 63 y/o,   from Swakopmund, Namibia. Hello!! I would like to introduce myself to you in this way… I’m not your average guy~~I’m different. I’m a one woman man, passionate and sensual. If I’m with you, you’ll be my all. My life is not controlled by caprice – I create my own life. I am a free spirit that lives life from within. I am free thinking and calm – Love, happiness and joy is part of my everyday living. I am a content, well balanced and centered person. I find happiness even in my worst moments in live…’there is a meaning in everything’ – the ’Bliss of Growth’ is my motto in life. I am a loving and caring person that loves life. I find happiness and balance in many things like sports, reading, photography, theatre (any kind) live music, interacting with people and leisure times – I keep my body and mind happy by being active in sports like mountain biking, jogging, sea kayaking and yoga (just a beginner, but love it)…I am an active and highly energized person – although I find joy in being lazy too.. Lol!! I am a hard working person, in every area of my live. The person that is worthy of me and whom I am worthy of is everything in my live – my best friend, my soul mate, my only lover. When and if I give myself to you, I give you my heart, my soul and my body!.  
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63  лет, male  from Swakopmund,  Namibia  
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