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Single man david, 66 y/o,   from arlington, USA.    Ok, I am employed, have a car that works, and have sleeping plans that do not include my mother! My sisters tell me that alone puts me into the top 10% of men.
Now the truth. 
    I am an easy going, hardworking individual who also likes to enjoy life. I do what I love for a living so I'm happy. I've been self employed forever so I am driven, set goals, organized, honest and dependable but have learned to stop and enjoy the beauty around me. I am financially secure but do not think I am a millionaire. 
    My life is simple and quiet, not into the party or nightclub scene. I do not desire to always being active. My favorite time is with the special woman in my life... formal dinners at restaurants, sitting in bed with pop corn watching movies, just sitting quietly near each other reading or jumping in the car for a weekend road trip to our favorite destination. I am looking for a loving and fun relationship with a women who enjoys the same things I do. I am very open and giving and looking for a partner who is the same. If you have a desire to control me, if you have no ability to trust or be honest. Please do not reply. 
    I am a well traveled and experienced man not afraid to try or learn new things. I have many more places I want to see. I can dress nicely and attend a “Monet exhibit followed by a candle lit dinner then repair my daughters car the next day. I am gentle and loving enough to roll on the floor with the woman I love or roll on the floor with my granddaughter. 
    Life is too short. Exploring something new excites me most. I am amazed every day at the beauty all around us that so many seem to miss and I want to experience as much as possible with that one woman I love. I'm giving and trustworthy and loyal so those are the most important things I look for in a woman. I am a person who is very easy to talk too and get to know. I have a funny personality and just make people very comfortable around me. Every day is a memory of life, experience with people, places and things. I hope to have someone who is as passionate about living as I am.
    If you find pleasure in my words, I wait for your letter..  
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66  лет, male  from arlington,  USA  
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