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Single man , 57 y/o,   from San Diego, USA. I am 6, 1 tall, is fit and well-built and has blonde hair and green eyes. I was born and raised in Denmark and have lived in the UK for the last 16 years and now spend my time between SD and the UK. Am a laid-back and good-natured man and would suit a similarly easy-going yet confident partner. I am a very active and healthy person but similarly I enjoys the balance between a faster/ more hectic pace, and calmer times (just chilling out; reading and relaxing). I am ready and able to commit to a long-term significant relationship. I am seeking a creative, sporty, passionate, grounded and genuine partner, who comfortable in who she is. You must like kids as I have 3 of the most adorable ones, they live with their mum, but spend a lot of time with me I am friendly and talkative and is a socially capable communicator- able to engage in, and follow, fast paced interactions. Known to be direct and honest I have a very wide range of general interests: enjoys art, yoga, working out at the gym, playing piano (particularly smooth jazz) and cooking. A great outdoors person and loves animals, beautiful scenery, skiing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, sailing and travelling. I have a great many, and diverse range of friends (from the very rich to the very poor) and judges people based upon merit and character. I have several very close friends who I have known for a very long time and greatly enjoys socialising with them. Is a bit cheerful, mad, ambitious, charismatic, deep and driven Tactile and emotionally open person who is comfortable discussing feelings and is at ease with myself...just need to meet my perfect match..  
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