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Single man , 34 y/o,   from Los Angeles, USA. I am 19 years old and decided to try a dating website after a friend of mine suggested I "look into it." I am currently working at a Starbucks part time and going to school. I am 5' 3" and am on the thin side. I enjoy going to movies(grindhouse themed lately) and reading, along with going out doors (mostly the beach, for the surf.) I have big dreams and am working hard to achieve them. I have a passion for the arts and attend many local art shows. Fashion is an interest of mine and continues to become a genuine direction in my life the more involved I become in it. Such as taking classes in design or reading about the latest trends and release by famous labels. I strive to better my self everyday, one day at a time..  
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34  лет, male  from Los Angeles,  USA  
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