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2009-08-16  Paul Christian (Norway, Roervik) and Natalia (Ukraine, Kharkov)


Paul Christian (Norway, Roervik) and Natalia (Ukraine, Kharkov)


This married couple broke all stereotypes concerning age. They are both young in their souls,

they are full of energy, they are both active and they are both happy together. Their meeting was

very spontaneous and unexpected for both of them. Norwegian guy Paul Christian visited Ukraine

in February 2008 and he planned to meet with another woman. This woman was busy and

refused him in meeting. he was a little bit upset and our agency suggested him to meet with Natalia.

It was destiny. It was love from the first sight. They are more then ideal couple. They are created

for each other and they have been waiting for each other all their life. Now Natalia lives in Norway.

Their wedding ceremony was in Roervik in August 2009. They both think that life is for happiness

and for love but not for sufferings and false. Our International marriage agency Atlantida are happy

with them because they are both great concentration of positive energy and optimism and they both

bring light to people who are around them!